Are you a company?

  • Your communication on Internet
  • Your choice for hardware and software
  • You need advice read more…

Non for profit association?

  • Your association needs appropriate user applications
  • Training the members of the office seems important to you
  • You need to do long-lasting choices read more…

Are you a beginner?

  • The mouse is a small rodent
  • You have none or little experience
  • You would like to communicate easily
  • Online public administration procedures sounds vague read more…

Comfortable but not always?

  • You need help to get a job done
  • Your computer is slow, old, or lacks a good setup
  • You want a diagnosis of the state of the computer
  • You don’t access your data anymore read more…


Technological watch

We keep aware about the evolution of the technologies and processes to offer you the best service and advice.

  • Helping you to choose and install Free Open Source Software
  • Research and implementation of tailored software solutions