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Orditux Informatique adapting confinement

➡ Services with appointment

➡ directly in your company

➡ or at your home to provide hardware

➡ remotely for the training.

The hardware

Refurbished computers

Available in-store or on order, depending on expressed needs and budget, Orditux provides refurbished desktop and notebook computers of professional quality with a warranty. These are for our customers all the advantages of a hardware with an excellent quality for a lower price.

Remote training

  • Communicate on Internet using WordPress, modular training ranging from installation to maintenance and security, including use, writing articles, legal notices…
  • Advanced email management, how to organize, optimize and secure electronic correspondence; webmails, email clients, advanced filtering, best practices; 
  • GNU/Linux in practice: whether you are a simple user or a Windows system administrator technician, one of our two courses will give you the ease you need to get started. 
    • For simple users: the file manager(s), installation, uninstallation and updates, customization of your environment, security, backups and support communities;
    • For technicians in the Windows world: a training to get well acquainted to and manage a GNU/Linux operating system locally or remotely. A program is available on request.

For beginners

Start from scratch: mouse, keyboard, windows, creation of an email address, internet searches, write letters with a word processor, do simple calculations with a spreadsheet (Libreoffice) use of free/no cost educational software and under free licenses/as in freedom to train at home.

 – Additional learning: learn howto manage and maintain your computer on a daily basis, configure peripherals, such as the printer and the scanner. Discover the advanced features of printers and scanners (choose and output format, choice of colors and printing modes, etc.)

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New ! As of June 2019

As of June 2019 the Orditux Informatique workshop is a training company validated with the DataDock. Declaration of training activity registered under the number : 76090059009 – This registration does not constitute state approval.