With 10 years of experience at the service of small companies and the general public as freelance, the Orditux Informatique workshop is opened in the center of Pamiers since 2018.
The workshop is opened to all publics, performs optimisations and repairs on the computers, provides advices, assistance, itiation and trains the users for a more efficient and simple computing.

We all want the same thing, to have it simple and just working!

At the workshop or at your home, request a diagnostic, an advice or a quote for a repair task.

We are specialists around evolutionary websites linked to your social networks, and of the GNU/Linux operating systems which we enjoy for their many qualities, we provide, besides classic computing services, some alternative to the usual commercial offer. Request a une demonstration!

The Orditux workshop sells computers refurbished an new, meant to last, provides services and also a cosy area with the tea and the coffee. You can visit from monday throught saterday. Please make a call for an appointment. All useful information is available on the contact page.