Get Bento Openbox

Bento, an Ubuntu Openbox Remix, is available as a 12.04.5 LTS* and 14.04.3 LTS* for 32 and 64bits architectures. You can get either or at the download site or on a mirror.

Bento Openbox is a light Linux distribution, easy to use and to customize, distributed as a LTS* thus very stable. Bento Openbox does not use a Desktop Manager. Openbox is used along with the programs openbox-menu and obsession (a light program forked from lxsession-logout, from the Lxde project).

* Long Term Service

More information about Bento is available here: readme.txt and a presentation of one of the former RC versions is available here Bento Ubuntu Remix RC.

The files are available for download here :

Special images

There are also OBI versions (One Button Installer) et 9w (all also non official) built out of several Ubuntu versions. Discover how it works here: and translated to French : Ubuntu – Installation simplifiée avec OBI