About Bento Openbox

The story begins around 2006 when my old laptop Pavilion N5442, with 933MHz and 756 MB RAM could not use Ubuntu anymore.


HP Pavilion n5442
HP Pavilion n5442

Seeking for the light and easy solutions which could fit any user, the steps taken since have lead to the present project.

Bento Openbox GNU/Linux, can be compared to a “software lunch box” (think of the Japonese bento), has been created thanks to the the efforts and the feedback of simple users and the help of many advanced users and developers.

What do users really want?

“I want it to be simple and working!”

More advanced users will also find it great to have a fast and responsive system, coming with many tools to configure the desktop to their own taste.
On what computers can it be used?

It runs on computers with specs starting from 1 Ghz processors and 756MB RAM, 1 GB at least is better.
How is it built?

Bento Openbox is built using Ubuntu. It is a community remix which means it isn’t supported by Canonical. It makes use of the Ubuntu repositories, therefore all the programs coming from the Ubuntu repositories, as well as a few sources from the community PPA are also available to Bento Openbox.

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Operating Systems don’t break computers. Bento Openbox is a community edition built with the greatest care, and perfectly functional on all types of recent and less recent Personal Computers. What’s next is a legal disclaimer:

Bento Openbox Ubuntu Remix is provided as is without any guarantee: we can’t be held responsible for any breakage in your system or in your hardware. We provide no guarantee.