Bento Trusty Updates

Bento Openbox built on Ubuntu Trusty just received it’s latest update. No more newer versions will be published before the next Bento built on the latest LTS be made available.
The ISO files are available for testing, and have been modified to provide minor improvements and got some packages removed. The goal there is to keep them under a 700 MB size, to be still able to burn regular CD-R/CD-RW for demonstration, troubleshooting, and install.

The following applications were removed:

  • libreoffice-impress
  • libreoffice-draw
  • libreoffice-base

are still installed : libreoffice-writer for word processing and libreoffice-calc for spreadsheet, as they are very reliable and well working office tools allowing to read and produce documents from and to many formats.

Scribus has also been removed as the size of ISO images still needed to be lowered, (several rebuilts have been necessary to achieve the desired result).

Were also removed Baobab, Transmission/Transmission-GTK, Compton-conf, Make and Xarchiver and also Samba-common-bin and Samba-libs. If your local area network needs sharing files with computers under Windows you will want to add them after you install the system to your computer.

At last, Midori replaced Netsurf, in order to have a web browser still minimalistic but displaying web pages better.

As always, get to the page Downloads, if needed, head to the page Documentation to review how to download and use the ISO files the right way.