small-leafOrditux started as the association of two entrepreneurs, Joyce Markoll and Fabrice Thiroux. Strongly rooted in the organic move, feeding on organic food since several years, Joyce and Fabrice make use of technical knowledge to tend to a greater respect for environment.

How is that ? While the software need computers with more and more power, and when the computers are globally renewed just for this reason, Orditux takes care of machines considered too old after two years, and bring them a breeze with modern software which are adapted to the machines and also meet with the users requirements.

We believe in the spirit of the Free Software and the moves it raises (music, literature, educational resources or diverse data such as OpenStreetMap cartography) because the knowledge about the world we live in must be available for all and must be free to share. All the software we use and will teach you to use is freely available, free to share and above all free to be modified.

In a computing world where users bound by the services and products of a company is a given fact, Orditux faces the challenge of offering services issued from the world of Free software, where the data and knowledge are available for all.

Joyce started to use GNU/Linux in 2004, and has been contacted by the Editions Eyrolles and offered to collaborate to a book related to the Ubuntu distribution: « Ubuntu une distribution Linux facile à utiliser », which has been published at the beginning of 2006. (CV-frpdf)

Fabrice started in computing in 1994 and he installed his first GNU/Linux system in 1995. He starts a professional career at la Défense as electronic engineer, then became System Administrator in a computing service where he became manager. All along he takes on his free time to study the technical details of the software systems functions and behavior.


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