Your website with WordPress

  • Choosing a Domain Name and a host
  • Install and prepare one or several websites
  • Secure your website, choose plugins
  • Prepare elements for the SEO
  • Manage and plan updates efficiently

Communicate with WordPress

  • Setup and learn to know the administration board
  • Create your editorial content
  • Pictures processing before publication
  • Link your articles to your social networks
  • The WordPress community resources…

You wish to let us handle the setup of your systems

  • Installation of GNU/Linux⁽™⁾ or Windows® (license not provided)
  • Installation of a Windows/Linux dual-boot
  • Update and maintenance of your Operating Systems

Securing your data

  • Backup systems for your data
  • Choosing the method and the tools
  • Miscellaneous configurations (printer, scanner, wireless, local network… )